1. PLL

    PLL, as I’m sure all teen girls know, is short for Pretty Little Liars! I love it. I understand that it can get very…girly, and the relationships are annoying because all they to is break up, make up, and make out, but the other part of it is so intense and spooky that I can’t help but watch it every Tuesday at 8:00. I even know of a guy who watched it with his mom once and also became addicted. And no! He isn’t gay. I play basketball for our school and every Tuesday night, one of us girls volunteers our house to be demolished by the whole team to watch this TV show. I didn’t go tonight because my dad would have jumped me if I even asked but it was a boring episode anyways.

    I’m guessing that Mona and Lucas are working for Spencer’s sister who is A. Either that or she has a lot of secrets she’s keeping. I don’t know how Garrett plays into all that but I do think that he’s innocent. I really hope that it doesn’t turn out the same way that the book told it, where the girl that was murdered turned to have a twin sister and blah, blah, blah. That would be lame. Next week is the season premiere I do believe, so it better be very good!