1. Dark Chocolate Day

    Today was a Dark Chocolate Day, because I detest dark chocolate but it’s still chocolate so I kinda have to eat it. Lately, I’ve been waking up with a headache and it makes me dread getting up at all. Actually, I never want to get up. Anyways, I’ve been online shopping for about 65% of my day (even though I have no money to spend). The other 35% was spent mowing the lawn and emptying the chute thingy because it was getting clogged literally every 30 seconds, yelling at my dad (which I could have gone without), vacuuming because of the latter, and then eating. 

    I’m not looking forward to school starting, but I kind of need it. Me without structure in my day is great because I get to lay around and do nothing, but I do get very grouchy. Anyhoo! I found some very cute things ON SALE but I can’t spend any money! I’m saving up for a car because I get my license in less than four months (WHOOP WHOOP), and also, Zach, my 21 year-old brother’s birthday is coming up. I hate saving money. Have a great evening while I continue to online shop alone in my room! YAAYYY.